The King, Mega Shiba Inu, Returns!

Gather around children whilst I tell you a fable of the land of Ethereum. It was once a place of such shining regard, a place for people of all backgrounds to venture to, in order to marvel at the wonderous gains and lofty market caps that stretched high into the sky! But lo, after a time a dark shadow spread across Ethereum.

The Blockchain gates were broken and the land was stormed by invaders of disrepute, who terrorised the good Moon People with Rug-pulls, Honeypots and Taxation fees they simply could not afford. As this dark cloud of corruption continued to spread, sadness grew among the Moon People, and many departed Ethereum, heading for the sunset east of Solana and the futuristic world of Tron.

It was a dark time.

But as the Moon People’s cries of desperation rang out across the DeFi space, a slumbering king heard and awoke. It was Mega Shiba Inu, the fabled King of the Meme, who had for too long allowed imposters to claim his throne whilst he rested. So donning his bejewelled furs and affixing his crown atop his regal head, he began his long journey back to Ethereum, where he would save all the Moon People from their terrible affliction of bad projects and scams, and then take his rightful place as united leader of the Alt Coin lands.

The Moon People rejoiced, for Mega Shiba’s thundering footsteps could be heard in the vast distance, already scaring away impostors. His Royal Messengers arrived soon after to sound the trumpets of his return, and have revealed that he shall arrive home today no later than 6PM UTC! He will enter into the kingdom of Ethereum to bestow all of his loyal subjects riches beyond their wildest dreams. Already two of the of the biggest Shiba millionaires have shunned their false idol and pledged undying allegiance to the Mega Shiba Inu.

More shall soon follow.

Hidden deep within his bag of gems, it is rumoured that the king holds glorious and unique NFTs that shall be gifted to those deemed most worthy. Loyalty shall also be rewarded and prizes shall be gifted at the whim of the king. He plans to welcome the poor lost sheep back to the land of Ethereum with invaluable treasures such as NFT staking, a dedicated Play-To-Earn game and vast future announcements worthy only to be heard by nobility.

So come children, run along home and tell your moon investor parents. Tell them to take the knee and hold his coin, for the king Mega Shiba Inu cometh, and soon you shall be knighted Sir Wealthy.

If you want to earn your golden ticket to Mega Shiba Inu’s land of Etherum visit or join his royal messaging service at You may even witness his glory over at Twitter, @megashibainu

N.B. This article was written by the Wordsmith. The Wordsmith is not a financial advisor and nothing written above should be taken as financial advice.




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MegaShiba Inu

MegaShiba Inu

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